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2008-03-19 18:39:47 by Hamandchees3

Hi, I am Hamandcheese; real name Sam(uel) Hammond. I joined newgrounds with this account in 2001, and in 2003 started a new account (hamandcheeseclock.newgrounds) to use for animation stuff. Quickly, my time on newgrounds was almost exclusively done through that account, but after I got into the wrong crowd I was banned for mocking Wade Fulps wife circa 2006 (my old BBS posts document how it happened). Incidentally, I was also using multiple accounts to up-vote my videos, as well as down-voting noobfags videos. This cannot be the reason I was banned though, because I was too good to get caught. Either way, once banned I left the groups and communities I was participating in, left Flash untouched for over a year and one half, and finally resurrected this account after many months of deep thought and meditation. That is my story, now fuck off.


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2008-03-20 15:41:41

you spelled nova scotia wrong in your profile,

btw im moving there this summer

Hamandchees3 responds:

yah, i know that


2008-04-04 03:39:00

cool story

well anyways ur back now and thats cool i guess. Nova Scotia is awesome, I went there about 6 years ago I think it was a nice place.


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